Daphne Blake is my name and I have to say I have a very interesting life. Along with my friends Shaggy, Scooby, Velma and Fred. I solve various mysteries around the United States and other parts of the world. It can be quite fun at time other times it is a really pain in the you know what. But it makes life exciting. Like all stories though mine doesn't begin with all this excitement. Before I met the gang I was known as the most popular girl in Coolsville High. All the boys loved me and all the girls wish they were me. My father was rich and he spoiled me and gave me everything I wanted which in turn kinda made me out to be a princess of sorts. I always wanted the best and I always got the best.

(FC: Sarah Michelle Gellar. Part of Those Meddling Kids & 20th Century Fox RP.)

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It’s hard to say good bye.

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I’m about to lose someone special again - it’s okay, I can’t do anything about it. I’m too weak to save anything.

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Just feel the need to stop by. I miss this…

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phoenyx-and-chicken-man liked your post:hey..

i miss you. xo

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people change..

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i have some bad news..

i don’t think i’m able to be on this blog anymore. muse is gone, and i’m just not really a good daphne rp’er. i won’t delete it, maybe i’ll come back but i don’t know when. i’m sorry, i think it’s the best of me and you all. i’ve never been a quality roleplayer like anyone are. i’m sorry again. xoxo

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sighing off. >.<


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The Big Day II Fred & Daphne



Daphne felt a tingle travel from our hands to her heart. His voice was so strong and his gaze so intense she could almost believe that he meant the words. she did not realize until that moment how badly she wanted him to mean them. Then she repeated the vicar’s words to Fred. “I, Daphne Blake take you, Fred Jones to my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love…” Her voice broke and she felt the tear fall down her cheek. “And to cherish, till death us do part,”

"And now, the bride and groom shall exchange ring. Would the ring bearer please come up and present the rings?" the minister asked. Scooby-Doo walked over to Fred and Daphne. The rings were in a tiny basket that Scooby was carrying in his mouth. "Rere rou roo," Scooby said, as Fred took the basket from the dog. Fred patted Scooby on the head. "Thanks, Scoob."

The minister cleared his throat and continued. “These rings shall from this time forward be a symbol of your love. Let these unending circles signify to all that your commitment is deep and your love is true.” He turned to look at Fred. “Repeat after me — In token of the vows made between us, with this ring, I pledge to you my love and my life.”

Fred took Daphne’s ring out of the basket and turned to look at her. “In token of the vows made between us, with this ring, I pledge to you my love and my life.” He grinned before sliding the ringer on Daphne’s finger.

The minister turned to look at Fred. ” Repeat after me — In token of the vows made between us, with this ring, I pledge to you my love and my life.”

Daphne happily repeated, squeezing her soon husband to be’s hands, forcing a smile as she stared deeply into his eyes. Just a few minutes Daph, just a few minutes and he’ll be yours. and you will live happily never after with him, right..?

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oops, look whos here..